Dealing With Lifetime Of Depression

For countless numbers of years now, depression has been widely regarded amongst medical professionals and clinical therapists as one of the most misunderstood, if not, the most misunderstood of all illnesses and diseases. It is widely regarded by the general public that having depression has something to do with the emotions, and the mental condition. But could they imagine being born with depression? As in the case of a child being born without legs? Hard to imagine, and yet. While there may well be no cure for depression, depression treatment brookline programs and therapies do contribute towards making life a little more bearable and manageable for the sufferer.

While there are those who must never be too quick to judge, one should never be too quick to jump to the conclusion that he or she is indeed suffering from depression. Interestingly enough, not even a medical practitioner, in general practice or specialist, can make that call. Well, there is one such practitioner that is qualified to make that prognosis. He or she is a qualified and practicing clinical psychiatrist. Through experience, he or she can tell within a number of sessions, it could just be a couple, or it could be after months of therapy, whether that person, the patient, is suffering from what is often being diagnosed as clinical depression.

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It is a complex mental disorder and it can take many forms. It is not always necessarily as a result of trauma, past or present, but could very well be chemical. And it is only the clinical psychiatrist that can make that call. If the illness is severe, medication may need to be prescribed. And again, it is only a clinical psychiatrist that can make that prescription in behalf of the patient.